Bunny Jumping

Fireballs on YouTube

I saw this video on YouTube the other day about how to make fireballs that you can hold in your hand.

Now, I certainly wouldn’t be the first person to say this is a bad idea, but seriously. I walked on fire last summer, and that was neat, but that doesn’t mean that I’m in my backyard making my own fire pits to walk over. It’s all fun and games until someone burns down the house or gets third degree burns.

My favorite comment on the video:

do you think you can use food coloring to change the fire colors???

I don’t even know what to say about that question of wisdom.

The Front Fell Off

The delivery of this is fantastic.

Via I Am Seb.

John Madden: Boom

Yesterday I somehow found myself looking at the Wikipedia page for John Madden. I was trying to figure out if he had ever actually played pro football or not (the answer is no).

There was one part of the Wikipedia entry that really made me laugh. You see, he’s always driven me crazy whenever I watch football games that he’s announcing for. He never says anything enlightening and has the annoying habit of overstating the obvious. Apparently I’m not the only one who noticed:

Madden sometimes ends up the butt of jokes, as occasionally his commentary borders on the rhetorical and blatantly obvious. This tendency may have increased since his final years of working with Pat Summerall. It’s not uncommon for someone to rib on Madden’s “Maddenisms” by saying something like “You can’t win a game if you don’t score any points.” or “If the quarterback completes a pass in the endzone, it’s a touchdown.” In November 2006, The Onion ran a sports brief headlined, “John Madden Reminds Viewers Of Importance Of Quarterback To NFL Teams.” Madden has also been made the butt of jokes for his frequent “BOOM” comments, such as when a player hits another player hard. [Wikipedia]

That article in The Onion that the entry mentions is actually pretty funny. The Wikipedia entry also mentions comedian Frank Caliendo doing Madden impressions. So I looked them up and was laughing pretty hard in no time at all.

Last but not least, the famous John Madden Popcorn Popper skit from Mad TV. Make sure to watch the whole thing because the ending is priceless.

Japanese Game Shows

How come we don’t have game shows that are this amusing? I mean G4 shows Ninja Warrior…but, well that’s Japanese too.

Via Kottke.