Social Media Quote

I might have just read the best description of how companies should approach “Social Media” ever. My department has been constantly talking about how best to reform their curriculum to incorporate social media. Great. The part the kills me is the floundering for a purpose or point. I’m not sure I have much steam left for the whole “We need to teach Twitter!” and “What is Twitter?” conversation. Seriously? Teach Twitter? You set up and account, and then you type. I’m sure most 12 year olds can figure this one out pretty easily. Just make sure that once the accounts are set up, there’s a point to write about!

Anyway, Quote of the Week is courtesy of John C. Welch on Social Media:

If you make it more complicated than that as a concept, stop. You’re about to go off the cliff into New Media Douchebaggery, and you don’t want that. Ever.


College English Class on the Postprint Era

Excellent looking course syllabus and overview for Internet-Age Writing. The class is ENG 371WR: Writing for Nonreaders in the Postprint Era.

Week 4 looks excellent:

Week 4: The Kindle Question

Is Amazon’s wireless reading device the Segway of handheld gadgets? Should it be smaller, come with headphones, and play MP3s instead of display book text? Students will discuss.

Also not to be missed are the course electives.