Presentations with Impress.js

This is a very nice use for presenting slide shows. Takes the ideas from and implements them using CSS and javascript. The demo page shows a great example slideshow.

It sounds like it would be a lot of work to really implement this (as would using prezi itself), but I think if you really thought visually and outside the box you could make a slide show that was really something. I’d love to use this for the web course teach. Anytime I can use examples based on web technologies as teaching tools is a good thing.

  •  Impress.js : a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers

Typography Course Syllabus

I stumbled across this blog the other day which includes an entire course syllabus for a Typography class at Marietta College (GRPH 210). I found the site quite interesting because there is actually a lot of really good info about Typography on the site:

I’m also quite pleased to discover that they are using Linotype’s FontExplorer X for font management in their labs as well. I don’t think that the typography professor in my department has forgiven me yet for pulling the plug on FontReserve and replacing it with FEX. Sigh.

I think that overall the site is a nice example of what can be done with a “departmental blog”. I’ve been working on something similar for my own job.

Teaching Programming

Yesterday was a pretty slow day at work, nothing was breaking (besides Quark and the fonts of couse, but what’s new). I found myself spending a lot of time reading Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror. I always enjoy Atwood’s viewpoint on things.

I stumbled across two different articles he wrote about teaching programming. The focus is on trying to understand why so often some people ‘get it’ and others just don’t. I have to admit, I’m also quite partial to the title.

The second article is kind of sort of related but focuses on how people who already program can get better at it: