Hitting the Google Jackpot

I finally know what it feels like to hit the jackpot of a number one hit on Google. This blog is officially the number one hit for the search “huge horses“.

A screenshot of Google search results for Huge Horses

All of this is stems from this single post, almost two years ago. Odd indeed.

Crazy Ice

My sister sent me some pictures the other day of these amazing ice waves on Lake Huron.

Meat Hair

Put it on yo face.

Julia Kissina Photograph-Nidia gr

Via Kottke.

Zombies Invade San Francisco

I’m not exactly sure how I would react if I saw this at my local Apple store:

Zombie Gnaws on Imac

I can’t decide if I would be hurriedly walking in the other direction or on the floor laughing.

Apparently the Mac-hungry zombies were part of a larger effort to invade San Francisco’s Union Square.

Gee…nothing like this ever happens in Boston. Maybe it’s too cold?

Via MacUser.

Animated GIFs

The Virb group Animated GIFs has some pretty funny things. I couldn’t resist posting this one.

Bob Barker zips contestant

Via SimpleBits.