Two Interviews With Mormon Teens

Anyone who knows me well will know that I have a twisted fascination with everything Mormon. Sarah Hepola has posted two interviews with Mormon teens about their views on Mormonism in general. The teens go by Lucy Latter-Day Saint and Olive Oxymoron for the purpose of the interview. As an aside, based on the responses from both teens, I’m not so sure I’d call them Mormons as much as teens that were raised as Mormons.

It’s nice to see that both of these girls are very thoughtful about their religion and articulate as well. When asked who would play Joseph Smith in a movie, Lucy Latter-Day Saint responsed:

Joseph Smith would best be played by Alec Baldwin, who is a little old, but Hollywood does wonders with makeup. Alec Baldwin always seems so egomaniacal regardless of what role he plays; this trait would serve him well in portraying Joseph Smith.

Interesting. She also thinks the craziest thing about Mormonism are the holy undergarments, but admits they ‘work’.

They are butt-ugly, but they serve a purpose. For one thing, they are unsexy. Mormons already have too many kids. If they didn’t wear such ugly underwear, there would almost surely be a lot more Mormon kids. Secondly, the ugly underwear keeps Mormons couples faithful to one another, because they would never let anyone other than their spouses see them in the ugly rags, and the Lord has commanded them not to take them off…

My personal favorite is her response to the question “Why are Mormons so nice?”:

Mormons are so nice because they are trying to entice you into being one of them. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Well said.

Via Kottke.