The Oatmeal on Restaurant Websites

Dead On.

Restaurant Website

Typographical Humor

A good list of posters and videos full of knee slapping humor. My favorite one below should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Shot the Serif


If I only had a dollar for every time I had to go over this in my web design course.

XKCD Comic titled Trade Expert

Quote of the Week

Mike Davidson has written an excellent article regarding the whole Apple vs. Adobe stuff. Read the article for sure, but what I’m more interested in is the Quote of the Week honors:

And the HTML/CSS that slowly sashayed that 300×250 div right the fuck over that paragraph you were trying to read is an open standard too.

Definitely made me laugh out loud.

Bus Wisdom

On my bus ride to work today I found a little religious flyer (of the Evangelical persuasion). As it seemed like an appropriate reading for the morning bus commute (not too long and easier to hold than the Metro), I actually read it. I’d like to share two and a half sentences from said flyer:

[..] The Bible is the only Book in the world that predicts the future. Thus the Bible is more modern than tomorrow’s newspaper. The Bible accurately foretells the future […]

I actually really like the phrase “more modern than tomorrow’s newspaper.” It has a nice ring to it.