Boulton’s Designing for the Web Is Now Online

Mark Boulton’s book Designing for the Web is now available free to read online. I’ve already got my PDF copy, but this is great that it’s online now. Check it out and don’t forget to also look at all the great Five Simple Steps books.

Current Web Design Resources

I’ve been steadily working on a new web design project which will eventually become a custom WordPress template. In the design process I’ve slowly managed to amass several browser windows full of tabs of related things that I was looking at for inspiration on the site.

Safari is getting pretty slow with all of those tabs so I kind of needed to do a complete dump of the tabs. Without further ado, here are the links (for my benefit as much as yours).


CSS Galleries

WordPress Themes (Inspiration)

Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials

Other Stuff

Blueprint Grid CSS Generator

Here is a very nice little addition for Blueprint CSS. It allows you to customize the default grid used in Blueprint. Once you’ve specified the new grid, a new grid.css is produced. Even better, you get a compressed version as well!

Via Vitamin News.