Business Week Resdesign

I read about Business Week’s redesign yesterday in Brand New, but didn’t get around to actually posting anything about it. Today I’ve stumbled across it again on Stuntbox and I have to say that I really like the new look. The new logo by itself is kind of boring, but paired with the rest of the redesign, it’s great.

Business Week Redesign

The new print issue comes out on Friday. I’ll be checking it out.

Redesigning The Bible

The design firm Crush has taken something very classic and completely redesigned it:

When we got the call to design the bible — we obviously asked — the bible of what? … fashion? shoes? bible of best bars in Britain? But no, Hodder & Stoughton really wanted us to design a cover for the Holy Bible.

The Bible Designed by Crush

I quite like this design, particularly the big red “sticker” that says “The Bible.” I wonder if this is available outside of the UK?

Via Monoscope.

Poster Design by Joseph Luffman

Very clever.

Eat It poster design by joseph luffman

Via Monoscope.

Operation Logic for Dog

Khoi Vihn has posted a fantastic logic flowchart for his dog Mister President.

My favorite part of the whole chart is the “Beg Cycle,”:

Did I get it? → No → Beg → Did I get it? → No → Beg

I think that this chart fits in quite nicely with my Computer Organization and Architecture course that I’m currently taking.

Design the copywriter’s birthday card

I have a browser window open on my computer that is full of tabs for things that I wanted to post about, but haven’t yet done so.

Design the copywriter’s birthday card. They said.