T Sign Kerning

A photograph of T Information Sign with bad Kerning

Is it just me or does this sign have some really bad kerning around that first ‘O’?

MassArt Logo Redesign

I happen to work right next to MassArt and often find myself waiting for the bus in front of the college. A week or two ago, I noticed a sign sporting the new MassArt logo:

Massart Logo Redesign

I literally, with watery eyes, gazed at the way the ‘A’ crops the ‘S’, and thought to myself: “It’s beautiful.” I then immediately chastised myself for having such an emotional reaction to a piece of typography and resumed continued reading my Howard Zinn book.

Brand New has an excellent review of new branding and logo in MassTerful Identity. The article also features a lot of excellent photographs of signage and marketing material. Also, it appears as though a complete overhaul of the MassArt website is in the works (thank God). I can’t wait to see what they do with the new one.

Score one for KJ’s alma mater!

Finer Points of Type

Finerpoints Hoefler

Harry Potter Typography

John Hicks has put together a nice collection of photographs on Flickr of the typography from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Weasly Wizard Wheezes

Helvetica Poster Contest

Linotype has posted all of the entries for their Helvetica NOW Poster Contest. There are some very neat posters shown. Remember to vote for your favorites.

No Time for Losers Helvetic November