Nickelodeon Logo Redesign

Nickelodeon has recently redesigned their main logo and all of the logos for their individual brands. I’m particularly fond of the lettering in the new logo. It’s quite well done and manages to look more clean and professional than the old one while still having a soft and playful aesthetic. I quite like the dot on the i.

Nick Nickelodeon Logo Detail

Brand New has a great write up of the new logo. Part of the challenge was to find a logo that worked across a wide variety of mediums. I really like the logo in the videos on the Brand New site. It comes across as soft and squishy and just generally very playful.

As far as the channel identities, I think that the nick jr. one is by far the most successful. I do dislike the Teen Nick logo however. I’ve been struggling to figure out why but I just can’t put my finger on it. Besides what I feel is an unfortunate color combination, there’s something else about it that just doesn’t sit right. Perhaps it just doesn’t feel “edgy” enough to appeal to teens?

Overall I think the logo change is very successful. All of the individual treatments for each channel are unique while still very much feeling a part of the greater identity.

25 Imaginative Illustrations Inspired By Film

Designers paying homage to their favorite films. Some of these posters are really fantastic. My personal favorite:

Heres johnny

The New Pepsi Logo

A response to the new Pepsi logo from Lawrence Yang:

This is what I think whenever I see one of the new Pepsi ads.

Pepsi Logo Blowatlife

Simply amazing.

Great Books Covers of 2008

Joseph Sullivan has made a list of his favorite book covers of 2008. Some of these are really quite fantastic. My favorite (from his favorites) is All the Sad Young Literary Men:

A picture of the book cover for All the Sad Young Literary Men

Via Kottke.

Newspaper Front Pages: The Day After the Elections

I’ve been looking around for sites with photos of today’s newspapers. There are a couple of good sites with lots of pictures:

Overall, the quality of front page designs is excellent. There is one newspaper cover that stands out to me though, is the Chicago Sun-Times.

I really think this is the perfect cover. A great photograph. A simple two words. A grand statement, wrapped in restraint. Beautiful.

The runner-ups are the St. Petersburg Times, Statesmen journal, and Virginian-Pilot.

Honorable mentions go to the following covers:

Lastly, I have to make mention of the Boston Herald and its never-ending pursuit of the perfect tabloid-style front page.