Sweet Concept Art and Teaser

I really like the artwork and video teaser for this game (I’m entirely relying on John Gruber here in the assumption it is a game). The video is strange and kind of made me nervous just to watch it. The artwork is also beautiful. And it’s all in black and white (and gray). I like things that are gray.

A concept art piece from Limogame.org

Via Daring Fireball.

Grand Theft Auto: All Coked Up

I usually hate those Coke commercials that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling of happiness and the joy of life…then leave you feeling bamboozled into liking a cheap advertising trick by an uber-rich corporation. This one’s good though:

Via Kotaku.

Gamecrazy Training Video

Yeah Dawg!

Hardcore Gamer

This should proabably go into the “Cute Blog.”

A photograph of a cat with a game system

Via Joystiq.

MMOs in Academia

A link to the site for Games for the Web: Ethnography of Massively Multiplayer On-line Games class at Trinity University. The student page includes PDFs of term papers with great titles like “Strangers in strange lands: Virtual worlds and the newbie experience” and “From N00b to L33t: Learning strategies in Everquest II.” I haven’t had a chance to go through everything yet, but it looks really interesting.