Comm Lab Website Design

One of my projects this summer was to get a full website out and working for the Communications Labs at Simmons College (where I work). The site is basically a resources and news area for students. The students that use these labs end up spending a whole lot of time there, and I wanted a space just for them, with the information they needed.

I actually started this project about a year ago. We had a whole bunch of documentation for the labs written, but mostly in pdf and Quark documents. My goal was to get everything online for students to have easy access. So, without much of a plan, I created a very barebones site and started adding stuff to it.

Another member of our department also creates a monthly newsletter which she then emails out to all faculty and students. It usually comes in the form of an attached pdf. I figures that I should add that to the site as well.

So, at the beginning of last summer I basically had an overgrown list of links with a very bare bones design. My goal was to create a more cohesive site, with a much more appealing design. We do offer a major in graphic design after all.

My thoughts design-wise were that I’ve really been digging the plain old black and white designs that I’ve been seeing around. I also like the grid. Given the nature of the page, I thought it was a good place to also finally figure out how to use sIFR.

I had a hard time figuring out what my secondary color would be. I’m always drawn to green and blue, but it somehow didn’t quite feel right. I wanted to use red, but that can seems a little too harsh or sterile sometimes. Then it came to me: magenta. It’s perfect for the site.

So here is what I ended up with:

Home Page

Commlab Website Home

Archives page for The Comunicator

Commlab Website Communicator Home

How to make clipping path (example documentation page)

Commlab Website Clipping Path Page

You can see the whole site here.

Statistics Doodles

Here are a couple of doodles that I’ve been working on during my statistics class.

A doodle done in statistics class

A doodle done in statistics class

Procrastination with Flickr

I have a major presentation due on Wednesday. I will be presenting the finer details of the Ruby language to my classmates. Unfortunately, since it’s a programming language class, a short rundown of Ruby syntax will not suffice. There is also the formal “spec document” that I have to write as well.

This, of course, means that I am in full-blown procrastination mode. I have added a bunch of my artwork to Flickr (as well as organizing sets and creating two new collections).

Watercolor and ink drawing on paper

I’ve also posted several photos of my final “Doodle Board” piece. I wrote about it when I was still working on the piece, but have been entirely negligent about posting the final version.

Ink drawing on four wood panels connected with hinges

Scanned photo of and ink drawing on four wood panels connected with hinges

Doodle Board

Here are some pictures of my latest project. It’s still a work in progress. I’d say it’s about half to 2/3 done so far. I’m excited. There will be some assembly. I’ve been drawing on wood for this project and I have to say, I really like it. It feels very organic. I also like the color of the wood and also how the wood grain shows through.

Doodle Board Project

Doodle Board Project Detail Photo

Doodle Board Project Detail Photo

Pyrotechnic Dinosaur Munchies

Pyrotechnic Dinosaur Munchies

A doodle of mine.