Great Books Covers of 2008

Joseph Sullivan has made a list of his favorite book covers of 2008. Some of these are really quite fantastic. My favorite (from his favorites) is All the Sad Young Literary Men:

A picture of the book cover for All the Sad Young Literary Men

Via Kottke.

Redesigning The Bible

The design firm Crush has taken something very classic and completely redesigned it:

When we got the call to design the bible — we obviously asked — the bible of what? … fashion? shoes? bible of best bars in Britain? But no, Hodder & Stoughton really wanted us to design a cover for the Holy Bible.

The Bible Designed by Crush

I quite like this design, particularly the big red “sticker” that says “The Bible.” I wonder if this is available outside of the UK?

Via Monoscope.

Recent Book Covers by Chip Kidd

Here are some more nice book covers designed by Chip Kidd. These three are for pulp fiction novels.

A photograph of the book cover for Blood on the Moon

Via Kotke.