ImageOptim is a great GUI tool for optimizing images. It uses AdvPNG, OptiPNG, PngGrush, JpegOptim and others. Perfectly simple. Don’t forget to download and install the provided service so that you can optimize images by using the context menu (right click).

Boulton’s Designing for the Web Is Now Online

Mark Boulton’s book Designing for the Web is now available free to read online. I’ve already got my PDF copy, but this is great that it’s online now. Check it out and don’t forget to also look at all the great Five Simple Steps books.

The Bahnhof Bunker

Could this possibly be the coolest server farm ever? The The Wikileaks house their data with Bahnhof AB, which is housed in a former bomb bunker in Sweeden.


Check out the complete slide show of the place on TPM.

Html5 & Css3 Readiness

Here is a very nice visualization of support for the different HTML5 and CSS3 properties among various browsers. The visualization allows you to also look at different years from 2008-2010 which gives a great demonstration about how quickly browser vendors are finally moving to implement these standards.


If I only had a dollar for every time I had to go over this in my web design course.

XKCD Comic titled Trade Expert