Ink & Paper Doodles

Doodle Board (Ink & Wood)

The artwork on this page is copyrighted by Alissa Miller. These images may not be reproduced, reused or distributed without explicit consent from the artist.

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1. Gallery of Doodles in Lightbox 2 | NerdStarGamer

[…] NerdStarGamer now has a new Gallery page that features my doodles. All of the images have been set up as a list of thumbnails which use Lightbox 2 to display large versions. […]

2. Getting Geeky With YSlow | NerdStarGamer

[…] After doing all of the previously mentioned fixes, I had improved the page load time quite a bit for most of my site. The only remaining bottleneck seemed to be my Gallery page. That wasn’t particularly surprising considering that the page includes 25 thumbnail images. The total size of all of the images, at full size, weighs in at a hefty 2MB. This page was also still using the Lightbox scripts. […]

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