Great Yellowstone Signage

A funny graphical sign that warns motorists of large animals that might be in the road

A funny graphical sign that warns "Many visitors have been gored by buffalo"

A funny graphical sign that warns tourists not to step on the geysers

Geysers are Stinky

It’s Hot

Oodles of new pics

A photograph of the strange geological activity at Yellowstone Park

Road Trip – Day 4

I’m soooo tired. Today was the first day we got to get out into the country a little bit. We’re holed up here in Jackson Hole, a short ways outside of Yellowstone park. We went on a nice hike around Jenny Lake and up to see a waterfall. We hiked a little ways into a canyon. I saw the Tetons today for the first time.

The hike ended up being about seven miles, which wasn’t so bad except that on the way down it got pretty hot (and I ran out of water towards the end). I got a little bit of a sunburn today.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading through Yellowstone and ending up at Gardiner, Montana. All in all, I can’t say I’ll be too sad to leave the Wyoming desert behind.

Big Game Report

  • Saw several squirrels on my hike, but no big game
  • Saw a couple of buffalo
  • Saw a lone moose, but it was too far away to really get a good look at it
  • Saw a ton of elk out in Elk Country (surprise) at dusk tonight