Dirty Dancing Video Game

Dirty Dancing

Apparently Codemasters is working on a video game based on the 1987 camp classic Dirty Dancing. I find this incredibly hard to actually take seriously, but sure enough, it’s on the Codemasters website and slated for a Fall 2007 release.

I’m scared. Fortunately, Ben Kuchera from Opposable Thumbs has some great suggestions about what should be in the game.

On a side note, I was double checking the release date of Dirty Dancing on Wikipedia and I found myself incredibly interested in the entire back-story of the movie. Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze actually couldn’t stand each other. It was 40° out when they did that water scene. An oh yeah, there’s the real story of the tickling scene:

Another “chemistry” scene that was improvised was the one where Grey was to stand in front of Swayze with her back to him, and put her arm up behind his head while he trailed his fingers down her arm. Though it was written as a serious and tender moment, Grey was exhausted, found the move ticklish, and could not stop giggling each time Swayze tried it, no matter how many takes that Ardolino asked for. Swayze was impatient to finish the scene, and found Grey’s behavior annoying. But as it turned out, the scene worked and was put into the film as-is, complete with Grey’s giggling and Swayze’s annoyed expression, and it became one of the most famous scenes in the film. It turned out, as choreographer Kenny Ortega put it, “as one of the most delicate and honest moments in the film.”

Online Communities xkcd Style

xkcd has posted a map of on online communities, RPG style.

Map of Online Communities by xkcd

I just love this. There are so many great things tucked into little spaces on this map. I also love the title of the image:

I’m waiting for the day when, if you tell someone ‘I’m from the internet’, instead of laughing they just ask ‘oh, what part?’

Pro vs Noob

So, problems I see in this image:

  1. Hopeful is spelled wrong
  2. The opposite of ‘death’ should be ‘life’, not live

Noob as the opposite of pro? I don’t see a problem with that. 😉


Coding Katamari Balls

In his latest post on Coding Horror, Jeff Atwood talks about how code has the tendency to become a giant Katamari ball. It’s an interesting post. Also, anything that uses Katamari as a comparison wins my approval.

God of War 2 Gotcha

I just found a link to the new God of War 2 official website from Kotaku. Imagine my surprise when this is what the link opened up in my browser:

God of War 2 website screenshot

In case you can’t read that text, here’s a detail shot:

God of War 2 website screenshot detail

They want to know my birthday before I can even look at the site! You’ve got to be kidding me. I guess I’ll never know what the actual site looks like.

Via Kotaku.