Underwater Stop Motion Animation

Wicked cool stop motion animation.

Nickelodeon Logo Redesign

Nickelodeon has recently redesigned their main logo and all of the logos for their individual brands. I’m particularly fond of the lettering in the new logo. It’s quite well done and manages to look more clean and professional than the old one while still having a soft and playful aesthetic. I quite like the dot on the i.

Nick Nickelodeon Logo Detail

Brand New has a great write up of the new logo. Part of the challenge was to find a logo that worked across a wide variety of mediums. I really like the logo in the videos on the Brand New site. It comes across as soft and squishy and just generally very playful.

As far as the channel identities, I think that the nick jr. one is by far the most successful. I do dislike the Teen Nick logo however. I’ve been struggling to figure out why but I just can’t put my finger on it. Besides what I feel is an unfortunate color combination, there’s something else about it that just doesn’t sit right. Perhaps it just doesn’t feel “edgy” enough to appeal to teens?

Overall I think the logo change is very successful. All of the individual treatments for each channel are unique while still very much feeling a part of the greater identity.

Stop Motion With Wolf and Pig

Check out this amazing stop motion video:

Auto-Tune for Art

Earlier this month there was a post on Kottke.org about using the voice modulation technology known as Auto-Tune for something more than pop songs. The Kottke posted links to two videos by the Gregory Brothers. Both videos are fantastic (see below).

The first is an Auto-Tuned mishmash of news clips. The Katie Couric part really is amazing:

And second is Winston Churchill backed by band from the future:

25 Imaginative Illustrations Inspired By Film

Designers paying homage to their favorite films. Some of these posters are really fantastic. My personal favorite:

Heres johnny