The Site

A photograph of Alissa Miller, the creator of NerdStarGamer

NerdStarGamer is designed and produced by Alissa Miller. All content is written by Alissa Miller unless otherwise noted.

NerdStarGamer started as an unofficial personal resource to keep track of interesting blogs, articles and pictures. NerdStarGamer was also an excuse to play with blogging software.

The Standard

This site should conform to the standards of accessible web design and writing semantic code. The site should be accessible and pretty in all standards compliant browsers.

If you are using a standards-aware browser and having problems viewing the site, please let me know! If you are not using a standards compliant browser, please consider upgrading.

The Software

NerdStarGamer is powered by WordPress and hosed by DreamHost. Editing software primarily includes TextMate, Transmit, and Photoshop, although on occasion something else might have been used. Site statistics are tracked using Mint.

The Contact

Comments, questions, concerns can be emailed to me at the following address: