NFL Week 17 Picks

Indianapolis √ at Buffalo

Indy isn’t going to show up this week. At the same token though, I still don’t think the Bills will win.

Jacksonville at Cleveland √

Resurgence in Cleveland? I don’t think so. I’m still picking them though.

Chicago √ at Detroit

I went out on a limb to play the Chicago defense this week. I didn’t think the Eagles were going to be so hot. They better not disappoint.

San Francisco √ at St. Louis

Pittsburgh √ at Miami

Pittsburgh playing for pride and a prayer.

NY Giants √ at Minnesota (See If It Sticks®)

Hmm, which team is in more of a slump. I vote for Giant pride.

Atlanta √ at Tampa Bay

Atlanta has been out for a while, but they are still a good team.

New Orleans at Carolina √

Carolina is the team that everyone would be scared of if they were in the playoffs. Too bad they hit their stride too late. Saints are benching Brees also.

New England √ at Houston

Houston should be a tough opponent. Pats better show up to play. They’re not good enough to take a game off.

Green Bay √ at Arizona

Washington at San Diego √

I would say the the Chargers were going to take this game off, but I still think that they will win.

Tennessee √ at Seattle

Another non-playoff scary team.

Baltimore at Oakland √

Philadelphia at Dallas

The game of the week here. I’m still skeptical that Dallas can close anything out.

Kansas City at Denver √

Denver is still in the race right?

Cincinnati √ at NY Jets

Bengals. Yeah Bengals.

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