NFL Week 17 Results

At last, here are my results for my week 17 picks, several weeks late.

Indianapolis √ at Buffalo
Jacksonville at Cleveland √
Chicago √ at Detroit
San Francisco √ at St. Louis
Pittsburgh √ at Miami
NY Giants √ at Minnesota (See If It Sticks®)
Atlanta √ at Tampa Bay
New Orleans at Carolina √
New England √ at Houston
Green Bay √ at Arizona
Washington at San Diego √
Tennessee √ at Seattle
Baltimore at Oakland √
Philadelphia √ at Dallas
Kansas City at Denver √
Cincinnati √ at NY Jets

Hmmm. Not so great that week. Started out good though. That makes me 9-7 for the week and I missed my See If It Sticks® pick.

Pure CSS3 AT-AT Walker

All I can really say about this is “Wow.” And also, maybe someone has too much time on their hands.