Week 3 Picks Result

And here are the results and analysis of my week three picks. Strikethroughs mark the games I got wrong.

Washington √ at Detriot

Can anyone blame me for this one? This game worked out well for me though because I had some crazy idea to pick up Jason Campbell for the week and bench Kurt Warner. Campbell snagged me 21 points while Warner only got 13. Good call. Nice knowing you Campbell…you’re back to the waivers now.

Green Bay √ at St Louis

Man, Green Bay killed ’em.

San Francisco √ at Minnesota

I was really close to having called this upset. Damn you Brett Farve.

Atlanta √ at New England

I couldn’t be happier to be wrong. The Patriots still look bad though. Let’s not give too much credit for them being able to conjure up a run game against a team with a crappy run defense. Brady is way off and so are his receivers. I can’t tell if Randy just isn’t making the plays that he used to or if Brady is off, but man were there a lot of throws to him that just weren’t there. Too many long bombs makes the Patriots easy and predictable. We need better receivers.

Tennessee at NY Jets √

Chris Johnson got more than I though he would, but not a great game still. Jets are going to clinch the AFC East. I can feel it. Like a burning ball of grease in my stomach.

Kansas City at Philadelphia √

NY Giants √ at Tampa Bay

Cleveland at Baltimore √

Baltimore scored 34 points? How? In your face Mangini.

Jacksonville at Houston √

New Orleans √ at Buffalo

This was a low scoring game for the Saints. I didn’t expect that. Damn you Drew Brees and your four points causing me to lose my fantasy game. Well, it didn’t help that everyone else scored single digits as well, but seriously.

Chicago √ at Seattle

Miami √ at San Diego (See If It Sticks®)

Well, Miami didn’t stick it. That makes me 0-2 for See If It Sticks®.

Pittsburgh √ at Cincinnati

Is this the start of a serious Pittsburgh slide?

Denver √ at Oakland

Indianapolis at Arizona √

Honestly, I’m not sure why I picked Arizona on this one.

Carolina at Dallas √

Dallas has some work to do to be a contender. The criticism of Romo is overblown though.


That makes me 9-7 again for the week. I’m sensing a trend towards average.

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