Week 2 NFL Predictions

Here are my week two picks for NFL football. I missed week one, but I’m going to try and pick every week. I got two fantasy teams going, so hopefully I’ll do well.

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons √

Wow, the Eagles crushed the Panthers last week. Or was it that the Panthers just imploded? Not sure, but I had the Eagles defense on one of my teams, so I’m not complaining. The Panthers won’t have a repeat of last week, but the Falcons will still come away with the win.

Minnesota Vikings √ at Detroit Lions

The Vikings will crush the Lions. Probably no one is surprised about that. I’m curious to see if the Lions can mount a decent rushing attack against the Vikings. Matthew Stafford is going to have another tough game. This game makes me a little sad, because I have both Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin on one team and Brett Farve on the other. Oh what I would give for Adran Peterson.

Cincinnati Bengals at Green Bay Packers √

Um not much to say about this one. Doesn’t Aaron Rogers look good? I think the Packers made a great decision getting rid of That Old Guy. Packers all the way.

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans √

Grudge Match. Both teams need to win this. This is supposed to be the Texans year. I’m all for rooting for the underdog Texans, but they just have not looked good either in preseason or game one. Tennessee on the other hand, doesn’t have much to brag about either. I’m picking Titans in this grudge match though.

Oakland Raiders √ at Kansas City Cheifs

The Raiders looked great up until the end on Monday night. Well, their defense did at least. I can’t for the life of me understand what they see in JaMarcus Russell. I don’t think he’s going to get much better than he is now…and that’s not that good. The Chiefs god Vrabel and Cassel. Oh how we miss Vrabel. The Chiefs got a bad deal on Cassel though; he is at best a mediocre quarterback that you can count on to not lose the game for you. I guess that’s something though. Maybe they can build a run game around him? The Raiders are going to run all over the Chiefs. They better, I’m starting McFadden this week. Raiders.

New England Patriots √ at NY Jets

Oh this is a big game. I’ll admit it, the Jets have been looking good. Weren’t they supposed to be rebuilding or something after Mangini? Mark Sanchez will be a great quarterback, but he still has some learning. He’ll get flustered. This is going to be a good game. The Jets will blitz the shit out of the Patriots, and lets hope the Patriots receivers are ready. I think the Patriots will pull out another miracle victory this week.

New Orleans Saints √ at Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles defense is going to have a much harder time with the Saints than the Panthers. That’s why I’m not playing them this week. This game is going to be a shootout (or Kolb will collapse). Much has been made about Drew Brees’ road record. It doesn’t matter here. Saints will win.

St. Louis Rams at Washington Redskins √

Yuck and yuck. Who really cares about this one? Redskins.

Arizona Cardinals √ at Jacksonville Jaguars

The Cardinals have been playing very poorly. Expect to start to see something shiny here. They still won’t look great, but at least they’ll win.

Tampa Bay Bucs √* at Buffalo Bills

What a tough loss for Buffalo last week. They really played a good game and should have won. Do they bounce back or go in to a free fall? This is my See If It Sticks&res; pick of the week. Bucs.

Seattle Seahawks √ at San Francisco 49ers

Wow, there are a lot of games this week. I’m tired of writing. I’ve been thinking that Seattle is due for a comeback this season. Can they finally stay healthy? Seahawks should win this one.

Pittsburgh Steelers √ at Chicago Bears

What a great match up between two classic teams. I never liked Cutler, even in Denver. He’ll play better this week, if only to avoid being burned at the stake. The Steelers are just too tough though. They’ll win it like the champions they are.

Baltimore Ravens √ at San Diego Chargers

San Diego has some ‘splaining to do after last week. This will be a close week. I think with LT out the Chargers will actually play better. I’m picking the Ravens this week.

Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos √

The Browns are pathetic. Denver looks bad too. I pick Denver.

NY Giants at Dallas Cowboys √

I can’t wait for this game. Isn’t this matchup like one of the best match-ups every year? I will grudgingly admit that maybe…just maybe…this whole Eli Manning thing isn’t a fluke. God I can’t stand him. I pick dopey Romo and the Cowboys for this one. Make me proud Cowboys.

Indianapolis Colts √ at Miami Dolphins

Miami surprised everyone last season with the Wildcat offense, starting with the Patriots. The thing that no one ever talks about is that the second time the Patriots played the Dolphins last season, the Wildcat didn’t work nearly so well. It won’t work on very many teams this season either. The Colts won’t let this one slip away.

That’s it for the picks. I think I’m pretty good for this week. We shall see.

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