Week 13 NFL Picks

To start off my picks for this week here is the Thursday night game.

Jets √ Vs Bills

(12/6/09): And here are the rest of this week’s picks.

Philadelphia √ at Atlanta

Redman played well last week, but I think the Eagles have the advantage here.

St. Louis at Chicago √

Stinky, stinky.

Detroit at Cincinnati √

Oakland at Pittsburgh √

One Pittsburgh can finally win?

Tennessee √ at Indianapolis

Originally I picked Indy for this game, but given the fact that I didn’t see any better See If It Sticks &res; picks this week, I’m using it here. I might continue using my See If It Sticks &res; pick against Indy for the rest of the season.

Denver √ at Kansas City

New England √ at Miami

Pats off a bad loss and Dolphins minus Ronnie Brown. Pats should win easily. Then again, nothing between the Pats and the Dolphins ever seems to come easily.

New Orleans √ at Washington

Tampa Bay at Carolina √

Houston √ at Jacksonville

San Diego √ at Cleveland

Dallas √ at NY Giants

San Francisco √ at Seattle

Sad story. I have both Justin Forsett and Julius Jones on one of my fantasy teams.

Minnesota √ at Arizona

Battle of the old men. This game is going to be a mess if Warner doesn’t play. I’d give the advantage to Arizona with Warner, but I’m less sure about it without.

Baltimore √ at Green Bay

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