NFL week 9 Results

Washington at Atlanta √
Arizona √ at Chicago
Baltimore at Cincinnati √
Houston at Indianapolis √
Miami at New England √
Green Bay √ at Tampa Bay
Kansas City at Jacksonville √
Carolina at New Orleans √
Detroit at Seattle √
Tennessee √ at San Francisco (See If It Sticks®)
San Diego √ at NY Giants
Dallas √ at Philadelphia
Pittsburgh at Denver √


This was a good week for picks for me, unlike in my fantasy teams. I got blown out on one team and nearly lost on my other to a team that neglected to play a tight end. Sigh.

Out of the two games that I got wrong, one was a big surprise (Tampa Bay over Green Bay) and the other I was torn about in my pick. I’m pleased with picking both the Cowboys and San Diego as winners in their respective games. I’m patting myself on the back.

So for the week I’m 11-2 and got my See If It Sticks® pick. That’s 78-35 for the season and split at 4-4 for See If It Sticks®. Let’s see if I can stay as good. This coming week has some tough games.

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