NFL week 9 Picks

Washington at Atlanta √

I tell you, there are some stinkers this week. Atlanta.

Arizona √ at Chicago

“They are who we thought they were!” Hehe. That will never die. Cardinals bring it back this week. They won’t let ’em off the hook.

Baltimore at Cincinnati √

Ravens had a big win last week but the cardiac cats are well, the cardiac cats.

Houston at Indianapolis √

My Texans are a lot better than people realize. I don’t think the Colts are as good as people think. That said, I’m still picking the Colts in a close one.

Miami at New England √

Finally, the Pats play the Dolphins. There’s something wrong with the schedule this year. The Jets and Dolphins have already played twice, and this is our first game against the Dolphins. I’ve got to believe that Belichick has an answer for the wildcat, whether it be just keeping the Miami offense off the field or hitting them really hard. He’s got to have an answer. Pats.

Green Bay √ at Tampa Bay

Um, Tampa Bay stinks.

Kansas City at Jacksonville √

Both these teams stink

Carolina at New Orleans √

New Orleans certainly doesn’t stink.

Detroit at Seattle √

These teams really stink.

Tennessee √ at San Francisco (See If It Sticks®)

This is the stinky teams game of the week. I’m thinking Chris Johnson has a break out game.

San Diego √ at NY Giants

I think I’ve picked the Giants the last three weeks in a row and gotten burned. I’m picking the Chargers on that fact alone.

Dallas √ at Philadelphia

The Eagles surprised me last week. They got game. I think Dallas will win though.

Pittsburgh at Denver √

This will be a tough, tough game. What a great Monday Night Game. Denver.

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