NFL week 8 Picks

Houston √ at Buffalo

Ooooh. Underdogs. My Texans will win.

Cleveland at Chicago √

Chicago has got to win this one.

Seattle at Dallas √

The Seahawks don’t stand a chance.

St. Louis at Detroit √

Hmmm. This is kind of a funny matchup. I’ll vote for the Lions with their second win of the season. Err, second in two seasons.

Denver √ at Baltimore

Denver isn’t going to run the table or anything, but they will beat the downtrodden Ravens.

San Francisco at Indianapolis √

The 49ers are losing it and this week they aren’t going to find it.

Miami √ at NY Jets

Rematch. Should be a good game. I think the Dolphins are going to snag this one.

NY Giants √ at Philadelphia

The Eagles are only average. The Giants have had some letdowns, but they’ll pull through today.

Jacksonville at Tennessee √ (See If It Sticks ®)

Titans for the win? After their bye maybe they can pick off Jackonsville. Maybe.

Oakland at San Diego √

Everybody beats up on Oakland. The Raiders nearly beat the Chargers in week 1, and haven’t looked back since coming face to face with a big win. The Chargers got this one.

Carolina at Arizona √

I run out of things to say.

Minnesota at Green Bay √

Game of the week. Vikings have their best defensive player out. I’ll pick Green Bay and their home field advantage. This will be a slugfest though.

Atlanta at New Orleans √

I nearly forgot this one. Finally a good Monday Night game. Saints.

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