NFL Week 7 Results

Green Bay √ at Cleveland

San Diego √ at Kansas City

San Diego wins one. At least they can still beat up on the little guys.

Indianapolis √ at St. Louis

Still waiting for a real matchup for Indy.

Minnesota √ at Pittsburgh

The Vikings fall from grace.

New England √ at Tampa Bay

Pats beat up the Bucs as expected. It wasn’t nearly as good a thumping as it should have been.

San Francisco at Houston √

Look at Houston go! The 49ers need to get it together; the season is starting to slip away.

Buffalo at Carolina √

The Bills are still hanging tough at the bottom of the AFC East.

NY Jets √ at Oakland

Bigger blowout than I expected.

Atlanta √ at Dallas (See If It Sticks ®)

Well, it was a See If It Sticks ® pick. Nice try.

Chicago at Cincinnati √

And I thought this one was going to be close.

New Orleans √ at Miami

My prediction: “Tough game for the Saints, but they will pull through.” More accurate than I ever imagined. These Saints proved they have grit. The Dolphins let another win slip away.

Arizona at NY Giants √

I never would have picked Arizona over the Giants at home.

Philadelphia √ at Washington

This game was so boring. I tried to watch it. Really.


My picks were 9-4 for week 7. I missed my See If It Sticks ® pick. Not bad considering I thought a lot of the games could have gone either way. That makes me 59-28 on the season and 2-4 for the See If It Sticks ® picks. Still pleased.

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