NFL week 7 Picks

Green Bay √ at Cleveland

Umm, not really sure what to say about this except, Green Bay.

San Diego √ at Kansas City

San Diego finally gets to win one?

Indianapolis √ at St. Louis

This just isn’t fair. Indy gets St. Louis off their bye? What a waste of a bye week. Anyone think they spent the bye preparing for the 49ers next week?

Minnesota √ at Pittsburgh

I think this will be a tough hard-nosed run game. It could really go either way. I’ve been picking the Vikings all season, so I’m going to stick with that. By no means though am I solid on this one.

New England √ at Tampa Bay

It’s really a shame they can’t change these international games as the season progresses. This one is going to be a stinker. New England.

San Francisco at Houston √

Tough call. I think the Texans are strong right now.

Buffalo at Carolina √

Battle of the mediocre. Trent Edwards is out for the game and Jonathan Stewart should be healthy. I’m picking Carolina based on this and their two game win streak (that sounds so sad). Not a lot of confidence on this pick though.

NY Jets √ at Oakland

Can the Jets pick themselves up and at least beat Oakland? Let’s hope so for their sake.

Atlanta √ at Dallas (See If It Sticks ®)

Atlanta has been on a roll. Dallas is just off the bye week and at home. I’m going out on a limb here and picking the Falcons. Why? I’m not really sure. Dallas just doesn’t seem to have it together this season. They have all the pieces, but nothing has come together for them this season yet.

Chicago at Cincinnati √

Another tough game. I’ll pick the Bengals because they’re my favorite underdogs this season in picks. Tough call.

New Orleans √ at Miami

Tough game for the Saints, but they will pull through.

Arizona at NY Giants √

The Giants got spanked last week. Expect them to be the ones doling out the spanking this week.

Philadelphia √ at Washington

See comment above. Eagles for the win. Washington’s new play caller can’t save them here. PS: This is a Monday night game? Who cares about this game.


This week is full of tough games. I had a really hard time on several games and am really just guessing. I think the last couple of weeks I’ve been riding high on a bunch of easy game picks. This week it gets tough again. We’ll see how I do.

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