NFL week 6 Results

Houston at Cincinnati √

Tough one here. At least my Texan underdogs won.

Detroit at Green Bay √

Yeah, no brainer here.

Baltimore at Minnesota √

I made the right call choosing to play Berrian over Harvin.

NY Giants √ at New Orleans (See If It Sticks®)

Ouch, I don’t think anyone saw that blowout coming. Week 6 Big Surprise #1.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh √

Carolina √ at Tampa Bay

Well, at least Tampa Bay managed to score 21 points.

Kansas City √ at Washington

St. Louis at Jacksonville √

Closer than I thought it would be.

Arizona √ at Seattle

Well, Arizona won by a lot. My pick was right. But, Hasselbeck scored me exactly zero points in my fantasy loss. Jerk.

Philadelphia √ at Oakland

Wow, the Eagles laid a stinker here. Week 6 Big Surprise #2.

Tennessee at New England √

Well, I said the story was that the Titans were awful, but they’re even worse than I thought. Good job to New England, but seriously. The NFL fines just about everything. Do they have a fine for a teams failing to show up to play a competitive game?

Buffalo at NY Jets √

Week 6 Big Surprise #3. What’s going on with the Jets?

Chicago at Atlanta √

Denver √ at San Diego

So far, Denver is for real. Not counting New England though, the total record so far for Denver’s opponents has been 9-14. They’ve got some tough games coming up, but I think that they’ll stand tough all sixteen games. Don’t expect any miracles though, they’re going to drop a few.


So for the week I’m 10-4 on my picks and I lost my See If It Sticks® pick. Interesting week though, with three games that were really surprising.

So far for the season I’m 50-24, with my See If It Sticks® picks at 2-3. I’m quite pleased with that.

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