NFL week 5 Picks

Week 5 is about to start, time to make my weekly last minute picks.

For the record, I think most of the picks this week are pretty clear. I went through and did these very quickly.

Cleveland √ at Buffalo (See If It Sticks ®)

Yuck and Yuck. I spent the longest time on this game, only because I don’t know which team here is worse. We’ll go for the Browns.

Dallas √ at Kansas City

Off the loss, Dallas should crush KC.

Minnesota √ at St. Louis

No brainer here.

Oakland at NY Giants √

No brainer #2

Tampa Bay at Philadelphia √

No brainer #3. I think…

Pittsburgh √ at Detroit

No brainer #4

Washington at Carolina √

Can Washington do it? I don’t think so. Carolina has more talent, let’s see if they show up.

Cincinnati √ at Baltimore

Cinci is cruising. This will be a good close game, but I think the Bengals will win.

Atlanta at San Francisco √

Another one of the close match-ups. The 49’s are on a streak. I don’t think this week is the one they’ll fall on. They will fall, just not this week.

Jacksonville √ at Seattle

Matt Hasselbeck should be back in play this week. His team is still going to lose.

Houston at Arizona √

This one is a toughie. I always want the Texans to win. Both teams are struggling, but Arizona is just off the bye. I think they’ll win.

New England √ at Denver

Game of the season? Don’t expect fireworks like that Jets and Patriots game with Mangini a couple of years ago. Mangini was/is and ass. Josh McDaniels on the other hand, played by Belichick’s rules. Belichick doesn’t want to be beaten by anyone, but I guarantee that he is proud of McDaniels. That said, I expect the Pats to pull out another close one.

Indianapolis √ at Tennessee

The Colts cannot be stopped by the struggling Titans.

NY Jets √ at Miami

Miami destroyed the Bills last week. It’s easy to beat up on teams smaller than you. Shame on you Miami. Pick on someone your own size. I think they bit off more than they can chew with the Jets. The Jets won’t be embarrassed two weeks in a row.

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