NFL Week 3 Picks

Last week I only had a mediocre set of predictions; I ended up slightly better than a coin flip at 9-7. Here’s to a better week this week.

Washington √ at Detriot

I’ll pick against Detroit every week.

Update: I accidently checked Detroit even though I meant to pick Washington. Shame, since Detroit broke their 19 game losing streak. I might have to rethink my original idea of picking against them every week. (9/29/09)

Green Bay √ at St Louis

San Francisco √ at Minnesota

Atlanta √ at New England

This one hurts me, but I don’t see us winning in the rain.

Tennessee at NY Jets √

Chris Johnson will be stopped cold. The Jets look good.

Kansas City at Philadelphia √

This game will be quite and interesting one. Maybe the best of the weekend. Westbrook is out and the QB situation for the Eagles will be crazy. Look for Cassel to throw some interceptions.

NY Giants √ at Tampa Bay

No brainer. Giants all the way.

Cleveland at Baltimore √

Cleveland is still a mess.

Jacksonville at Houston √

Go Houston.

New Orleans √ at Buffalo


Chicago √ at Seattle

Just off their big win, going strong.

Miami √ at San Diego (See If It Sticks®)

You never know. San Diego still looks like crap and Miami might just pull it together.

Pittsburgh √ at Cincinnati

Denver √ at Oakland

Indianapolis at Arizona √

Indy is out a bunch of defense. This one is a toss-up.

Carolina at Dallas √

Dallas will get their first win in the new stadium.

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