NFL Week 16 Picks

San Diego √ at Tennessee

This game should be exciting. Chargers charging (I did it) and Titans stomping (I don’t know). Finally, a great special time game. Let’s hope the fam lets me watch it!

Buffalo √ at Atlanta

Buffalo has to win some of them right?

Kansas City at Cincinnati √

Oakland at Cleveland √

Browns player show up for the new GM…this week.

Seattle at Green Bay √

Baltimore √ at Pittsburgh

Houston √ at Miami

Jacksonville at New England √

I say trap game for Patriots. Hopefully the pull it out.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans √

Saints get it back together. They need to pick it up for the last two games if they expect to roll through the playoffs.

Carolina √ at NY Giants (See If It Sticks ®)

Giant surprise. They choke.

Detroit at San Francisco √

St. Louis at Arizona √

I’m going to be pissed if Arizona blows this one. Apparently some teams are even worse than the Lions.

NY Jets at Indianapolis √

I wish I could say that I thought the Jets would beat the Colts.

Denver at Philadelphia √

Letdown for Philadelphia? I don’t think so.

Dallas √ at Washington

No reason for Dallas not to get this game under control.

Minnesota √ at Chicago

Minnesota has to win this game. They need that bye week.

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