NFL Week 15 Results

Cowboys at Saints √

Nice job for the Cowboys in a December game. I was cheering the Saints on towards and undefeated season, but alas, they didn’t get it. I still think they are a good pick for the Super Bowl. Then again, they’re a young team, and young teams don’t seem to do well in the playoffs.

New England √ at Buffalo

New England pulled it together in a lackluster fashion. At least Randy got in the game.

Arizona √ at Detroit

Ditto for the lackluster part.

Miami at Tennessee √

This was a close one.

Cleveland at Kansas City √

Wow, huge game for Cleveland. No fair beating up on another bad team though. Don’t be fooled, Cleveland is still a mess. I can’t believe Holmgren took the bait. What’s in that Cleveland cool-aid?

Houston √ at St. Louis

Atlanta at NY Jets √

Jets trying to make it to playoffs.Scratch that, Jets are pretty much out.

Oakland at Denver √

Cincinnati at San Diego √

Tampa Bay at Seattle √

Chicago at Baltimore √

I picked right, but I didn’t realize that it would be a blowout.

San Francisco at Philadelphia √

Green Bay √ at Pittsburgh

What a catch.

Minnesota √ at Carolina

What’s going on in Minnesota? Somebody tell them the season’s not over yet!

NY Giants at Washington √ (See If It Sticks ®)

Couldn’t have been more wrong about this one.


It was kind of a rough week, again. I’m 7-8 for the week. I think that might have been my first week below .500. Yikes. Better luck for the next two. Remember, my goal is to hit .666 for the season. So far I’m 134-71 and 5-8 for See If It Sticks®.

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