NFL Week 14 Picks

Once again I forgot to pick the Thursday night game. I have to say though that I would have never picked Cleveland over Pittsburgh unless it was a See If It Sticks® pick. So, I probably would have gotten the pick wrong. No fair counting after the fact though.

Here’s to the normally scheduled Sunday games (and Monday):

New Orleans √ at Atlanta

As good a shot as any for the Saints to lose, but not today I say.

Green Bay √ at Chicago

Green Bay isn’t that bad, Chicago is. Once again, apoligies to my friends who are Bears fans. Chicago fans are used to that though right?

NY Jets √ at Tampa Bay

Ugh. Bore me.

Miami √ at Jacksonville

After beating the Patriots last week, Miami is on a roll and trying to squeeze into the playoffs.

Detroit at Baltimore √

I’m saving my See If It Sticks® pick.

Seattle at Houston √

Denver √ at Indianapolis (See If It Sticks®)

Really I just want Indy to lose.

Buffalo at Kansas City √

Cincinnati at Minnesota √

Carolina at New England √

Yay! I pick the Patriots this week.

Washington √ at Oakland

Ugh. Washington, I guess.

St. Louis at Tennessee √

San Diego √ at Dallas

Dallas in December?

Philadelphia at NY Giants √

Arizona √ at San Francisco

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