NFL Week 11 Results

Unfortunately I’m one game short on this week because I forgot to pick the Thursday night game ahead of time. Regardless, here are the results:

Washington at Dallas √

Cleveland at Detroit √ (What the Heck ®)

San Francisco √ at Green Bay

The next three games are all very close losses.

Pittsburgh √ at Kansas City

Atlanta √ at NY Giants

New Orleans √ at Tampa Bay

Buffalo at Jacksonville √

Indianapolis √ at Baltimore

Seattle at Minnesota √

Arizona √ at St. Louis

NY Jets at New England √

Cincinnati √ at Oakland

San Diego √ at Denver

Philadelphia √ at Chicago

Tennessee √ at Houston


Interesting week. I picked four games wrong, but three of them were within three points and two went to overtime. The only one that wasn’t that close was the Green Bay and San Francisco game (which was still only six points different).

That makes me 11-4 (with one abstention). I got my See If It Sticks ® pick too. On the season: 97-46 and 5-5 for See If It Sticks ®. Very close to two thirds.

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