NFL Week 10 Results

Chicago at San Francisco √

New Orleans √ at St. Louis

Wasn’t quite a gimme after all.

Tampa Bay at Miami √


Detroit at Minnesota √

At least I got one of my gimmes right as an actual gimme.

Jacksonville at NY Jets √

Buffalo at Tennessee √

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh √

I knew I should have picked against the Steelers.

Denver √ at Washington

Wow. Denver really did lose to Washington.

Atlanta √ at Carolina

Kansas City √ at Oakland

Seattle at Arizona √

Dallas √ at Green Bay

Philadelphia √ at San Diego

New England at Indianapolis √

Baltimore at Cleveland (See If It Sticks®)

Yep. That was crazy.


This was kind of a rough week for me. For the week that’s 8-7. Yikes. And I missed my See If It Sticks ®. That’s 86-42 and 4-5 for See If It Sticks ®. Sigh.

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