NFL week 7 Picks

Green Bay √ at Cleveland

Umm, not really sure what to say about this except, Green Bay.

San Diego √ at Kansas City

San Diego finally gets to win one?

Indianapolis √ at St. Louis

This just isn’t fair. Indy gets St. Louis off their bye? What a waste of a bye week. Anyone think they spent the bye preparing for the 49ers next week?

Minnesota √ at Pittsburgh

I think this will be a tough hard-nosed run game. It could really go either way. I’ve been picking the Vikings all season, so I’m going to stick with that. By no means though am I solid on this one.

New England √ at Tampa Bay

It’s really a shame they can’t change these international games as the season progresses. This one is going to be a stinker. New England.

San Francisco at Houston √

Tough call. I think the Texans are strong right now.

Buffalo at Carolina √

Battle of the mediocre. Trent Edwards is out for the game and Jonathan Stewart should be healthy. I’m picking Carolina based on this and their two game win streak (that sounds so sad). Not a lot of confidence on this pick though.

NY Jets √ at Oakland

Can the Jets pick themselves up and at least beat Oakland? Let’s hope so for their sake.

Atlanta √ at Dallas (See If It Sticks ®)

Atlanta has been on a roll. Dallas is just off the bye week and at home. I’m going out on a limb here and picking the Falcons. Why? I’m not really sure. Dallas just doesn’t seem to have it together this season. They have all the pieces, but nothing has come together for them this season yet.

Chicago at Cincinnati √

Another tough game. I’ll pick the Bengals because they’re my favorite underdogs this season in picks. Tough call.

New Orleans √ at Miami

Tough game for the Saints, but they will pull through.

Arizona at NY Giants √

The Giants got spanked last week. Expect them to be the ones doling out the spanking this week.

Philadelphia √ at Washington

See comment above. Eagles for the win. Washington’s new play caller can’t save them here. PS: This is a Monday night game? Who cares about this game.


This week is full of tough games. I had a really hard time on several games and am really just guessing. I think the last couple of weeks I’ve been riding high on a bunch of easy game picks. This week it gets tough again. We’ll see how I do.

NFL week 6 Results

Houston at Cincinnati √

Tough one here. At least my Texan underdogs won.

Detroit at Green Bay √

Yeah, no brainer here.

Baltimore at Minnesota √

I made the right call choosing to play Berrian over Harvin.

NY Giants √ at New Orleans (See If It Sticks®)

Ouch, I don’t think anyone saw that blowout coming. Week 6 Big Surprise #1.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh √

Carolina √ at Tampa Bay

Well, at least Tampa Bay managed to score 21 points.

Kansas City √ at Washington

St. Louis at Jacksonville √

Closer than I thought it would be.

Arizona √ at Seattle

Well, Arizona won by a lot. My pick was right. But, Hasselbeck scored me exactly zero points in my fantasy loss. Jerk.

Philadelphia √ at Oakland

Wow, the Eagles laid a stinker here. Week 6 Big Surprise #2.

Tennessee at New England √

Well, I said the story was that the Titans were awful, but they’re even worse than I thought. Good job to New England, but seriously. The NFL fines just about everything. Do they have a fine for a teams failing to show up to play a competitive game?

Buffalo at NY Jets √

Week 6 Big Surprise #3. What’s going on with the Jets?

Chicago at Atlanta √

Denver √ at San Diego

So far, Denver is for real. Not counting New England though, the total record so far for Denver’s opponents has been 9-14. They’ve got some tough games coming up, but I think that they’ll stand tough all sixteen games. Don’t expect any miracles though, they’re going to drop a few.


So for the week I’m 10-4 on my picks and I lost my See If It Sticks® pick. Interesting week though, with three games that were really surprising.

So far for the season I’m 50-24, with my See If It Sticks® picks at 2-3. I’m quite pleased with that.

NFL week 6 Picks

Houston at Cincinnati √

Cinci is on a roll. Another close one here.

Detroit at Green Bay √

I think the Packers will pull it together today.

Baltimore at Minnesota √

Tough game, but Minnesota will prevail. More importantly, should I play Bernard Berrian or Percy Harvin in my fantasy league?

NY Giants √ at New Orleans (See If It Sticks®)

Game of the week here. It’s the battle of unbeatens in the dome. It could go either way, but I’m picking the Giants, even though I hate them.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh √

Cleveland still stinks. Steelers.

Carolina √ at Tampa Bay

Both these teams stink. I’m picking Carolina off their “big” win over downtrodden Washington.

Kansas City √ at Washington

Speaking of downtrodden. I think KC can win this one.

St. Louis at Jacksonville √

Again, with the downtrodden. The light will shine on Jacksonville.

Arizona √ at Seattle

Battle of quarterbacks? I’m benching Warner for Hasselbeck. Hmm. Yet I’m picking Arizona.

Philadelphia √ at Oakland

Um, yeah.

Tennessee at New England √

The story here is that the Titans are positively awful.

Buffalo at NY Jets √

See Titans above.

Chicago at Atlanta √

Tough game, but Atlanta is just off its route of San Francisco.

Denver √ at San Diego

Denver is for real and San Diego has been underperforming all season.

NFL week 5 Results

And, the results for my week 5 picks are:

Cleveland √ at Buffalo (See If It Sticks ®)

Hehe. I had this game nailed. I didn’t get to see it, but judging from the 6-3 score, it sounded pretty boring. I’m guessing that score wasn’t the result of stellar defensive play.

Dallas √ at Kansas City

Dallas won, just barely.

Minnesota √ at St. Louis


Oakland at NY Giants √


Tampa Bay at Philadelphia √


Pittsburgh √ at Detroit

Quite a bit closer than I imagined.

Washington at Carolina √

Well, Carolina did eventually show up to win.

Cincinnati √ at Baltimore

I nailed this one.

Atlanta at San Francisco √

Horribly wrong pick #1.

Jacksonville √ at Seattle

Horribly wrong pick #2.

Houston at Arizona √

New England √ at Denver

My expectations for the game were good, but the result was not how I picked it. Great game nevertheless. And props to Josh McDaniels.

Indianapolis √ at Tennessee

Check. I watched this game and I got to say that the score shouldn’t be attributed so much to Indy being great (they were good), but to the Titans being miserably bad. They just screwed up at every corner. I think they got three turnovers in the first quarter and failed to get a single touchdown. They were just plain awful.

The Colts do look good, but so far they only managed to beat mediocre teams: Jacksonville, Miami, Arizona, Seattle and the miserable Tennessee. I give them lots of credit for the Miami win especially since Miami had the ball for 45 minutes of the game. But still. This is a week schedule. Assuming the 49er’s don’t start sucking after their miserable loss this week and the Colts only have five tough games on the rest of their schedule (49er’s, Pats, Ravens, Broncos, Jets). The two Texans games are a toss-up as well. So basically, expect the Colts to go at least 11-5 on the season. They have an easy schedule. Let’s see how well they do on those five tough games.

NY Jets √ at Miami

What a game. The Jets offense played great. So did Miami. Braylon Edwards was phenomenal and both young quarterbacks good as well. The defense was lackluster. The Jets got beat in the end. Did you hear Rex Ryan in the press conference? Ouch. He was pissed. Regardless, I lost this one by an inch.


This week I ended up being 10-4. Two games I was entirely wrong on why the other two were lost in overtime or late fourth quarter heroics.

So far in the season (not counting Week 1 which I didn’t do) I am 40-20. Not bad.

Nickelodeon Logo Redesign

Nickelodeon has recently redesigned their main logo and all of the logos for their individual brands. I’m particularly fond of the lettering in the new logo. It’s quite well done and manages to look more clean and professional than the old one while still having a soft and playful aesthetic. I quite like the dot on the i.

Nick Nickelodeon Logo Detail

Brand New has a great write up of the new logo. Part of the challenge was to find a logo that worked across a wide variety of mediums. I really like the logo in the videos on the Brand New site. It comes across as soft and squishy and just generally very playful.

As far as the channel identities, I think that the nick jr. one is by far the most successful. I do dislike the Teen Nick logo however. I’ve been struggling to figure out why but I just can’t put my finger on it. Besides what I feel is an unfortunate color combination, there’s something else about it that just doesn’t sit right. Perhaps it just doesn’t feel “edgy” enough to appeal to teens?

Overall I think the logo change is very successful. All of the individual treatments for each channel are unique while still very much feeling a part of the greater identity.