United Football League

The newly formed United Football League launched it’s new logo and website earlier this week.

Ufl Logo

The website looks great. I really like the color combinations. Everything on the website is clean and fresh:

Ufl Website Screenshot

I’m totally excited for this league to take off. Hopefully it can gain some traction and at the very least serve as a minor league for the NFL. I love football, but the NFL really needs some competition to shake things up. Count me as one more of their genuine fans that are really pissed off by their ultra-strict stance on licensing games, showing games on tv, and steaming on the internet.

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1. Nation Hahn

Hey. Nice review – I’m glad you’re excited for the UFL, as I am. We’d love for you to contribute to my site – http://www.uflaccess.com – the premier fan site for the league.