Today Is A Good Day

I generally try and keep my political opinions at a minimum on this blog, but today is special. I remember eight years ago very clearly. I had just turned eighteen and I was full of excitement about the prospect of voting in my first presidential election. And then, I remember black Wednesday. Today marks the beginning of the end of eight years of darkness in this country.

For the last eight years I have been ashamed to be an American. I have been ashamed of the actions of my country at home and abroad. There are too many things that I have been ashamed of to even begin to list. Today, I am proud. For the first time in eight years, I am proud of my country.

I have hope that the tide is turning. I have hope that Obama, the first African American U.S. president, will make a lasting mark. I hope that he will make a lasting mark not because he is the first African American president, but because he could be the next JFK or FDR. BHO, anyone? I also have hope that perhaps this election will embolden the Democratic party to finally grow a backbone. It has been far too long since I’ve dared to hope for the future of my country.

Things to be even more hopeful (and happy) about today

In my home state of Massachusetts, all three of the ballot measures went my way. There will not be an income tax ban. Yay! for MassArt (and other public services). It will no longer be a criminal penalty to possess less than an ounce of marijuana. Yay! for not wasting state money on prosecuting the War On Drugs. Lastly, starting in 2010, there will be no more gambling on dog races. Yay! for the greyhounds.

In Maine, where I grew up, they voted down a measure to allow a casino to be built. In South Dakota, where my lovely grandmother lives, they voted down an initiative that would have banned most types of abortion. In New Hampshire, they went blue across the board: president, senator, governor, and house of representatives. In Montana, a red state where I have many family members (who may or may not be red), Barack Obama very nearly won.

Only California can put a small blemish on this day. As it stands now (according to The New York Times), the proposition to ban same-sex marriages holds a very small lead.

If that is the only thing that I am disappointed about today, that is worth a celebration. Today is a good day.

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