Security Upgrades

Security upgrades for all presidential press conferences.

A comic strip about security upgrades for presidential press conferences

Via Schneier on Security.

Tommy Westphall’s Mind

Yesterday I stumbled across and interesting phenomenon which links over 280 different television series. The phenomenon is known as Tommy Westphall’s Mind. Who is Tommy Westphall?

Tommy Westphall was an autistic child on the TV series St Elsewhere who, it was revealed in the closing moments of the final episode of that series, had dreamt the entire run of the show.

The problem gets interesting when we realize that St Elsewhere has direct connections to 12 other television series, which in turn have their own connections. We are not talking about actors or directors here; we’re talking about fictional cast members who appear on shows other than their own or fictitious brands or places. All tallied, their are over 280 different series which, following St Elsewhere, exist entirely in Tommy Westphall’s mind.

Some of these connections are really quite amazing. For example, here’s the connection from St Elewhere to Firefly.

ii. And going back to Cheers it also spun-off Fraiser. (1) John Larroquette Show’s John Hemingway called into Fraiser’s show. (a) John Larroquette Show referenced Yoyodyne. Yoyodyne was also a client of Angel’s Wolfram & Hart. (i) Angel was a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (for more on Buffy see item 4.A.) (ii) Weyland-Utani is also a client of Angel’s Wolfram & Hart. Weyland-Utani made some of the weapons used by Firefly’s Malcolm Reynolds in the Battle of Serenity.

United Football League

The newly formed United Football League launched it’s new logo and website earlier this week.

Ufl Logo

The website looks great. I really like the color combinations. Everything on the website is clean and fresh:

Ufl Website Screenshot

I’m totally excited for this league to take off. Hopefully it can gain some traction and at the very least serve as a minor league for the NFL. I love football, but the NFL really needs some competition to shake things up. Count me as one more of their genuine fans that are really pissed off by their ultra-strict stance on licensing games, showing games on tv, and steaming on the internet.

Sock Dog Named Boulder

Katie James, owner of KJ Dogs, has posted this very cute critter for sale on Etsy. His name is Boulder.

Boulder Sock dog

I think these sock dogs are the cutest things ever. Actually, I already own two. Katie has informed me that I am no longer allowed to purchase her sock dogs. So sad.

Great Books Covers of 2008

Joseph Sullivan has made a list of his favorite book covers of 2008. Some of these are really quite fantastic. My favorite (from his favorites) is All the Sad Young Literary Men:

A picture of the book cover for All the Sad Young Literary Men

Via Kottke.