MassArt Logo Redesign

I happen to work right next to MassArt and often find myself waiting for the bus in front of the college. A week or two ago, I noticed a sign sporting the new MassArt logo:

Massart Logo Redesign

I literally, with watery eyes, gazed at the way the ‘A’ crops the ‘S’, and thought to myself: “It’s beautiful.” I then immediately chastised myself for having such an emotional reaction to a piece of typography and resumed continued reading my Howard Zinn book.

Brand New has an excellent review of new branding and logo in MassTerful Identity. The article also features a lot of excellent photographs of signage and marketing material. Also, it appears as though a complete overhaul of the MassArt website is in the works (thank God). I can’t wait to see what they do with the new one.

Score one for KJ’s alma mater!

Error: This Should Never Happen

Imagine my surprise when I opened up Console yesterday and found this error message from Mail in the console.log:

Mail Error Message

I wonder what caused the error why the developer thought “this should never happen.”

Automatically Post Safari Tabs to With “topost” Tag

I wrote a short AppleScript yesterday to allow you to automatically add the current tab in Safari to your bookmarks in with a specified tag or tags. The default tag is “toPost.” Add the script into Quicksilver as a trigger and you’ve got an über convenient post later (or never) script.

Here is the script (or download it here):

-- To change the tags, edit text inside quotes below
-- Use spaces to seperate multiple tags (ex: "tagOne tagTwo")
set tags to "toPost"

-- build delicious URL for current tab in frontmost window of Safari
tell application "Safari"
    set u to (name of current tab of front window) & ¬
        "&url=" & (URL of current tab of front window) & ¬
        "&tags=" & tags
end tell

-- Add URL to Delicious
tell application "Safari"
    do JavaScript "javascript:void(open('" & u & "','delicious','toolbar=no,width=150,height=100'));" in document 1
    delay 0.5
    close current tab of front window

end tell

This is basically a simple modification of the script written by Andrew Faden which does pretty much the same except from NetNewsWire instead of Safari. Be sure to check out his original script and also the much improved version submitted by Larry from

Renting Vs. Buying Myths

eFinance Directory has an interesting article about the myths of renting a house versus buying a house. One that caught my attention was Myth #4: Buyers have assets, renters do not. The last paragraph sums it up (emphasis mine):

Renters may not co-own a home with a lender, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have assets. Many renters have a large and prosperous portfolio, Star Wars collectibles (just an example) and other assets that can be sold IMMEDIATELY for cash. The reason they own these things is because they haven’t been paying a lender to ‘rent’ money so that they could pretend like they own an asset.

Wow, that last sentence is rather blunt and unfortunately, accurate.

Via Kottke.

Put On Your Social Helmet

I am by nature a rather introverted and shy person. Given a small gathering, I can be quite talkative, but in general in larger social circumstances, I tend to be more of an observer. There are of course some occasions where observing is not an option and active participation is required. Sometimes public speaking might even be required.

Contrary to what might be expected, I am actually perfectly fine with this. A long time ago I developed the idea of a “social helmet.” This is very much like the saying “put on your thinking cap.” Basically, when going into social engagement, I (metaphorically speaking) put on my social helmet and communicate like a normal, outgoing person.

The funny part about this is that I have always had a very distinct mental image of what my social helmet would look like. First of all, notice that it’s a helmet and not a cap. Apparently social engagements require something more robust than the standard cap. My social helmet is essentially an old-school leather football helmet with antennas.

A while ago, I was trying to describe it to someone, and decided that it was easier to just create it in Photoshop. Without further ado, my social helmet:

A Picture of my Social Helmet

What does your social helmet look like?