The Illustrated President

Harper’s Magazine has an interesting story about one of President Bush’s favorite paintings. The story compares Bush’s story of its meaning with the actual meaning. Quite different things indeed.

Via Kottke.

Bud Light Sausages

My roommates and I saw this commercial the other night when we were watching the Patriots game. We spent the rest of the night waiting for it to come on again.

The voiceover of the dog is nothing short of brilliance.

Finer Points of Type

Finerpoints Hoefler

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Picks

During last weekends NFL wild-card playoff round, I was four out of four in my picks. The Patriots fan in me really wanted to see the Titans win, but I was pretty sure they had exactly zero chance of pulling it off.

This week I’m picking all the highest seeds to win. There is no way Peyton Manning will repeat the six interception debacle against the Chargers. The Cowboys will somehow pull it off against the Giants and the Packers will cruise through the Seahawks on autopilot, which brings us to the real game: Patriots vs. Jaguars. Scary. The Patriots fan inside me is a little nervous about the men in black (or I suppose white or teal on Saturday). Fortunately, I’m confident we will pull it off.

King Kaufman agrees with me too. His write-up is much more witty than mine however (ex: “The Cowboys played their last few games in fuzzy slippers, eating bonbons by the fistful.”).

NetNewsWire Now Free

NewsGator, the company that owns NetNewsWire, has just announced that it will now be offering all of its products for free. This is great news for the world of feed readers. NetNewsWire is a fantastic reader that I’ve been using for several years. They have a shiny new version too. I’ve heard that FeedDemon is a good Windows client, although I haven’t used it myself.

Get the new and improved free download of NetNewsWire here.