Zombies Invade San Francisco

I’m not exactly sure how I would react if I saw this at my local Apple store:

Zombie Gnaws on Imac

I can’t decide if I would be hurriedly walking in the other direction or on the floor laughing.

Apparently the Mac-hungry zombies were part of a larger effort to invade San Francisco’s Union Square.

Gee…nothing like this ever happens in Boston. Maybe it’s too cold?

Via MacUser.

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1. Chad Crawford

Or maybe it’s because the city of Boston would consider it a terrorist attack, shut down the city for a half day, then charge the organizers with a crime and fine them a couple million dollars to cover the expense of shutting down the city.

If Boston mistakes Lite-Brites for bombs, I can’t imagine what would happen if they saw zombies walking down the street.

No offense meant, I’m just saying.

2. Alissa Miller

Point taken. I think you’re on to something. 😉