What Happened to Emelia Earhart

It’s long been a mystery about what exactly happened to Emelia Earhart on her journey to become the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. I remember back when I first learned about her in elementary(?) school. I was fascinated by how they never knew what exactly happened to her.

A recent story on CNN.com pieces together clues that were never properly investigated at the time of her disappearance. Recent evidence suggests that she may have actually crashed on a deserted island in the Pacific and survived.

The most fascinating part of the story for me are the distress calls that were picked up on shortwave radios far away from the crash, but never investigated.

In Rock Springs, Wyoming, Dana Randolph, 16, heard a voice say, “This is Amelia Earhart. Ship is on a reef south of the equator.” Aware that “harmonic” frequencies in mid-ocean often could be heard far inland, experts said the shortwave transmission was probably genuine.

It’s pretty incredible to me that somebody in Rock Springs, Wyoming heard what appears to have been an actual distress call from Earhart.

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1. Tony

What is the very latest on the supposed findings on the island she crash landed on? (please reply to volunteer_samaritan(at)live.com