Quota Monitor Menu

The Situation: You have a Mac OS X Server with network home directories and disk quotas enabled.

Yep, we use network home directories with OS X Server in our Mac Lab. The disk quotas in Tiger work great, except for when…

The Problem: The Mac OS Finder on client machines does not have very good support for warning users they are approaching their file quota limit. They end up all of sudden unable to save files with little or no explanation as to why.

Yeah, that. The dock reverts to the default Apple dock. iMovie keeps telling you there’s not enough space to save anything (even to an empty partition). InDesign spits out all sorts of weird error messages when you open it. And oh yeah, because of a certain login hook we run, FontExplorer X loses our entire Font Folio type library (not FontExplorer’s fault).

Meanwhile, our poor data heavy students have no idea what’s going on.

The Solution: QuotaMonitorMenu places the user’s home folder quota status right in the menu bar. It will also pop up warnings at regular intervals. All warnings and text are customizable.

QuotaMonitorMenu Screenshot

Yes, a very handy little utility indeed.

Via AFP548.

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