Pyrrhic Victory

Last night I actually learned a phrase while watching football. During the New England vs. San Diego game, one of the announcers used the phrase “Pyrrhic Victory” to explain why it was not such a good idea for the San Diego Chargers to attempt a field goal on a fourth down, goal line situation at the beginning of the third quarter. Why? Well, they were down 24-0. With that score, three points is just a drop in the bucket while seven means you might actually have a chance at getting back in the game.

For the record, they went for it, and got the touchdown. Not that it actually mattered though.

On a side note, I’d really like to thank Google for inadvertently inventing the ‘common sense’ spell checker. How do you look up a word in a dictionary when you have no idea how to spell it? Google a phonetic, or somewhat phonetic version of the word and chances are you’ll find a result. I googled “puric victory” and got this delightful little page, which gave me the correct spelling. Interestingly enough, it describes the phrase as “a staple of every political analyst’s rhetorical arsenal.” I wonder why I’ve never learned this?

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1. Chaoboy

I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say I pretty much had the same experience. Except I heard it from Teresa Strasser on the Adam Carolla Show. I had never heard it before either. Spelled it “Puric victory” and here’s the part that might interest you. Your blog popped up for me, so thanks! Pyrrhic Victory, who would’ve thought.

2. Alissa


Yeah, funny thing. Ever since I posted this I’ve been getting a ton of hits from Google searches for “puric victory.” I’m glad it helped you out!

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4. bridgette mashobane

i luked up puric victory which i heard frm a movie called 187 n i cudnt spell the word. Thanx 2 google for spelling.

5. Leslie

I just looked up “puric” on, and it gave me no good suggestions. Then I thought, “who am I kidding, Google will know exactly what I’m looking for.” Your entry was one of the first for “puric victory.” Thanks! I was like, “puric, ok… peuric… I’m out of ideas.” The reference to “every polit­i­cal analyst’s rhetor­i­cal arsenal” cracks me up because I heard it on The Rachel Maddow Show.

6. Chris M Hanke

Lol same exact freakin situation!! I posted on my facebook puric victory and I was like let me google it!! Thanks!!