Looking for a Good Windows Text Editor

I’ve been using TextMate for the last couple of months for all of my programming and blogging needs. I have to say, I’m completely in love with the application. It is by far the smartest and most efficient text editor I’ve ever used. I love that it is fast and lightweight. There is nothing wasted on useless features, just the good stuff.

That said, I’m often stuck on using Windows and unfortunately, TextMate is only for Macs. I’ve been searching high and low for a good text editor for Windows, but have been entirely unsuccessful. I don’t expect to find something as good as TextMate, but there are a few things that I just can’t live without. These are my must-have features:

  • A decided ‘lack of features’: I like my text editors fast and without the added junk features.
  • Support for multiple languages: I do mostly web stuff (HTML, CSS, PHP), but support for Perl, blogging, Markdown, and Java, etc. would be nice.
  • Code coloring
  • Sensible keyboard shortcuts: They can be either built in or customizable.
  • Correct tabbing and auto indenting would be nice.
  • Detects line breaks appropriately: The biggest problem that I have on Windows machines is that my line breaks never get through. I regularly write on Mac, Linux, and Windows systems, so this is important.

Hopefully I’m not asking for too much here. Does anybody have any suggestions. Free software would be great, but if the editor is worthwhile I’ll pay (I spent $50 on TextMate after all). I’d prefer open source software or something made by independent developers over a larger Dreamweaver-like solution.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

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1. Fox Cutter

TextPad is the only way to go. It’s small, fast, knows most languages and can do highlighting (and lots of scrips for other languages) and has a pretty good idea how to spell check around code.

2. Alissa Miller

Thanks Fox Cutter, I’ll check out TextPad.