Investigative Reporting on PB&J

Who doesn’t love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich? They’re even vegan! Today is National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day. Well, it was yesterday when I started writing this.

Serious Eats has a special report about the sandwich favorite which is not to be missed.

There’s a running theme about someone’s mother making the sandwiches that I love:

…[Alaina’s] PBJ sandwiches were too damn dainty. There wasn’t enough peanut butter or jelly on them. What she made were PBJ tea sandwiches. When our tasting panel complained, Alaina blamed it on her mother: “My mom would have killed me if I put too much peanut butter on a sandwich.” Her mother doesn’t work at Serious Eats, so we sent Alaina back into the kitchenette to make the first set again.

And later:

Still, even after quasi-scientific analysis, Alaina was unrepentant. “My mother would have never let me put that much peanut butter or jam on my sandwich.”

On a related note, since the jelly-type is a hot topic:

…you might be pleased to know that Justin [Timberlake’s] tour rider specifies strawberry jelly, not grape.

I guess that solves it.

Via Anil Dash.

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1. jenny

much like jt, i too prefer the strawberry…

without fail, eating a pb&j always reminds me of jasmine licking the roof of her mouth.

good blogging lissy!