Google Maps Street View

I’m not sure how old this feature is in Google Maps, but it is certainly new to me. On top of that, It’s got to be one of the coolest implementations I’ve ever seen.

The new feature is called Street View. Basically, certain streets are highlighted in blue. When you click on a location, a street-level photograph pops up showing what the place actually looks like.

As if that feature wasn’t cool enough, you can also rotate, zoom and pan on the photographs. Also, they are overlaid with street names and directions. You can now effectively ‘drive’ through cities on Google Maps.

So far it looks like Google has only implemented this feature for a couple of major US cities: San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami and New York City. Unfortunately, no Boston yet.

I am certifiably a map junkie. I love staring at them. I’ve definitely got a 4’x4’ map of the greater Boston area in my office. So, basically, I’m very excited about this new Street View business.

Since there is no street view of Boston, I checked out San Francisco, where I recently visited.

Look, here’s a random coffee shop I went to. My Mom and sister were grumpy at me because I made them walk up a bunch of hills that day.

There was also this really neat sculpture that I passed on the T. I wanted to take a picture of it for my friend Nico because it reminded me of one that she did. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture that looked like anything recognizable. So Nico, here it is:

Via Kottke.

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2. Dustin Moore

The underlying data is actually full motion video. You might checkout to see some samples of that streaming panoramic video.